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Arthritis:   YesNo
Asthma:   YesNo
Bleeding Problems:   YesNo
Blood Transfusions:   YesNo
Cancer Treatment:   YesNo
Chemotherapy:   YesNo
Cold Sores:   YesNo
Diabetes:   YesNo
Dizziness:   YesNo
Epilepsy:   YesNo
Fainting:   YesNo
Heart Attack:   YesNo
Heart Defect(i.e. murmur):   YesNo
Heart Disease:   YesNo
Heart Surgery:   YesNo
Heart Valve Replacement:   YesNo
Hepatitis:   YesNo
Herpes:   YesNo
High Blood Pressure:   YesNo
HIV Positive:   YesNo
Joint Replacement Surgery:   YesNo
Kidney Treatment:   YesNo
Latex Allergy:   YesNo
Metal Allergies:   YesNo
Mitral Valve Prolapse:   YesNo
Radiation Treatment:   YesNo
Rheumatic Fever:   YesNo
Seizures:   YesNo
Stroke:   YesNo
Tuberculosis:   YesNo
Venereal Disease:   YesNo


Do you experience redness or itching with wearing of certain jewelry? YesNo

Do you experience itching or burning around the outside of your mouth following your dental visits? YesNo

Are you allergic to kiwi or strawberries?   YesNo

Are you pregnant?   YesNo

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I understand that I am responsible for my account regardless of my dental benefit plan. I also understand that my dental benefit plan is an agreement between me and my dental benefit plan company.
I understand that I may be charged a 1.5% finance charge per month (18% Annually) if my balance goes beyond 90 days.
I give permission for my dentist and clinical team to take any necessary radiographs and study models to make a complete diagnosis of my dental needs.



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